Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

156 :niE BRUISED REED love to God., under signs of his displeasure; and heavenly-mindedness, in the midst of worldly affairs and allurements drawing a contrary way. Th~y feel a power preserving patience, nay joy, in the midst of causes of mourning ; inward peace, in the midst of assaults. To make so little grace victorious over so great a mass of corruption, requireth a spirit nwre than human ; this is like preserving fire in the sea, and a part of heaven as it were in hell. H.ere we know where to have this power, and to whom to return the praise of it. And it is our happiness, that it is safely hid in Christ f.or us, in one so near unto God and us. Since the fall, God will not trust us with our own salvation, but it is both purchased and kept by Christ for us, and we for it through faith, wrought by the power of , God, and laying hold of the same. This power is gloriously set forth by St. Paul, to be a great power, an exceeding power, a working and a mighty power, such a power as was wrought in raising Christ from the dead, 1-;:ph. i. 19. That grace · which is but a persuasive offer, and at our pleasure to receive or refuse, is not