Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

" ' AND SMOKING FLAX . 159 low spirit to fear any, even God himself, until unavoidable danger seizeth on men, and then those that feared least out of danger, .fear most in danger, as we see in Belshazzar, Daniel v. 6. 2. It is spiritual government, and therefore the less will flesh endure it. Christ's government bringeth the very thoughts and desires, which are the most iinmediate and free issue of the soul, into obedience. Though a man was of so composed a carriage that his whole life was free from outward offensive breaches, yet with Christ, " to be carnally-minded is death;' ' he looketh on a worldly mind with greater detestation than any one particular offence. But may not Christ's Spirit be in those who are in some degree earthly-minded ? Yes, but not as an allower and rnaintainer, .but as an opposer, subduer, and in the end as a conqueror. Carnal men would fain bring Christ and the flesh together, and could be content, with some reservation, to submit to Christ. But Christ will be uo underling to any base affection. And therefore where there is allowance of ourselves in. any sinful lust,