Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

158 THE :BRUISED REED pose. And not only a proneness, but an actual withstanding the working ofChrist's Spirit, and that in every action; yet no prevailing resistance, so far as to n1ake void the work of grace, but corruption in the issue yields to grace. There is much ado to bring Christ into the heart, ·and to settle a tribunal for him to judge there : there is an army of lusts mutinying against him. The utn1ost strength of most men's endeavours and parts is to keep Christ from ruling in the soul. The flesh still laboureth to maintain its own regency, and therefore it cries down the credit of whatsoever cross~th it, as God's blessed ordinances; and highly prizeth any thing though never so dead and empty, if it give way to the liberty of the flesh. And no wonder if the spiritual government of Christ be so opposed. 1. Be- _cause it is government, and limits the course of the will, and keepeth a bridle upon its wanderings. Every thing Ilaturally resists what opposeth it: so a corrupt will labours to bear down all laws, and counteth it a generous thing not to be awed, and an argument of a