Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING .FLAX. 161 ness in us discove11ed 'by :him, hut he j~ineth ·with ~corruption to !kill it .in 1!1e bitth. And as ·Phara0h~ cruelty ·was especially against tbe male -child:Fen, se Satan~-s malice is Bspecially against the mo~t religious and 1nanJy resoluti@ns. This then we ar€ always t@ expect, that wherev-er Christ cometh, there wiill be opp.osi:tion. When He \ born, ,all J erusalem was itroubled ; so when He is barn in any man., the soul is in an uproar, and all because the heart is unwilling to yield up itself to him to rule it. Wherever Christ oometh,. he 'breedeth division, not only betw-een man and himself, but between .man and man, and between church and church : of which disturbance,. Christ is no more the cause, than phy-sic is of trouble in a distempered body, of which noisome humours are the prG>per cause : for the .end of physic is the peace of humours. But Christ thinketh it fit that the thoughts of men's hearts should be .discovered ; and he is as well for the falling, as,the ris,ing .of many ilil\lsrael. Thus the desperate .madtness of men is laid open, that they had rather be under the guidance of their own lusts, and by M