Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

162 THE .BRUISED REt.D consequence of Satan himself, to their endless destruction, than put their feet jnto Christ's fetters, and their necks under his yoke. Whereas indeed, hisservice is the only true liberty, his yoke an easy yoke, his burden but as the burden of wings to a bird, that maketh her fly , the higher. Satan's government is rather a bondage than a government, unto which Christ giveth up those that shaketh off his own: For then he giveth Satan and his factors power over them, since they will not " receive the truth in love.71 Those that take the most liberty to sin are the most perfect slaves, because the most voluntary slaves. The will in every thing is either the best or the worst. The further men go on in a wilful course, the deeper they sink in rebellion. And the more they oppose Christ, doing what they will, the more they shall one day suffer what they would not. In the mean time they are prisoners in their own souls, bound over in their consciences to the judgment of him after death, whose judgment they would none of in their lives . And is it not equal that they should feel him a severe Judge to condemn them,