Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FlAX. 11 · lVIatt. ix. 36. He never turned any back that came unto him, though some went away of themselves. lie came to die as a Priest for his enemies. In the days of his flesh, he dict<:J.ted a form of prayer to his disciples, and put petitions unto God into their mouths, and his Spirit, to intercede, in their hearts, and now makes intercession in heaven for weak Christians. He sheds tears for those that shed his blood. He is so meek a King, that he will admit mourners into his presence; a King of poor and afflicted persons. As he bath beams of n1ajesty, so he bath bowels of mercies and 0 compassion.-A "Prince of Peace." Why was he tempted, but " that he n1ight succour those that are tempted ?' ' vVhat mercy may we expect from so gracious a Mediator, who took our nature upon him, that he might be gracious ? He is a Physician good at all diseases, especially at the binding up of a broken heart. l-Ie died that he might 0 . heal our souls with a plaister of his own . blood, and by that death save us, which we ourselves were the procurers of by our sins. And bath he not the same bowels · in heaven? " Saul, Saul, why persec':ltest