Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 167 the beginning, as to the perfection, and so we shall be in some degree joyful in ourselves and thankful. unto Christ. Neither must we argue from a denial of a great measure of grace to a denial of any in us, for faith and grace stand not in an undivided point; so that he who j}as not such and such a measure, has none at all. But as there is a great breadth between a spark and a flame, so there is a great wideness between the least measure of grace and the greatest; and he who has the least measure is within compa~s of God's extreme favour; though he be not a shining light, yet he is a smoking wick, which the tend er care of Christ will not suffer him to quench. And all this which has been spoken, should allure those who are not yet in a state of grace to come under Christ's kind and victorious government. For though we shall have much opposition, yet if we strive, he will help l!_S; if.we fail, he will cherish us; if we are guided by him, we shall overcome; if we overcome, we are .sure to be crown~d. And for the present state of the church; we see how fqrlorn it is, ye~ let us comfort ourselves, that