Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

168 THE BRUISED REED Christ's cause shall pre ail . lie will rule " till he hath made his enemie hi footstool," Psalm ex. 1. " abylon hall fall, for strong is the Lor who bath cond.emned her." (Rev. x iii. 8.) hri t' judgment, not only in his children, but also against his enemies, shall be victorious, for he is " King of ings, nd Lord of Lords." God ill not ah a suffer Antichrist and his supports, to revel and ruffie in the church as they now do. If we look to the present state of the church of Christ, it is as Daniel in the midst of lions, as a lily amongst thorns, as a ship not only tossed but almost covered with waves. It is so low that the enemies think they have buried Christ (in regard of his gospel) in the grave, and t.Jlere they think to keep him from rising: but as He rose in his person, so he will roll away all stones, and rise again in- his church. How little support hath his church and cause at this day? How strong a conspiracy is against it? The s-pirit of Antichrist is now lifted. up, and marcheth furiously: things seem to hang on a small and invisible thread. But our corry.fort is, that Christ liveth and reigneth