Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

172 'fHE BRUISED REED. and .sanctify the consideration of our own infirmities to us, and of his tender merc-y to encourage us ; and persuade us that, since he hath taken us into the covenant of grace, he will not cast us off for those · corruptions, which as they grieve his Spirit, so they make us vile in our own eyes . .. And, because Satan labours to obs.cure · , the glory of his mercy, and hinder our comfort by discouragements,-the Lord · add this to the rest of his mercies, that .since he is so gracious to those that yield to his government, we may make the ' right use of this grace, and not lose any p.o.rtion of comfort that is laid up for us in Christ. May he vouchsafe to let th~ -' prevailing power of his Spirit in us be a.n evidence of the truth of grace begun, and ~ a pledge of final victory, at that time when he will be all in all, in all his, to all eternity. Amen. T HE END.