Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 171 that the ·cause was ·Christ's, and that he would not be wanting to his own cause ? Luther ingenuously confessed that he carried matters often inconsiderately, and with mixture of passion, but upon acknow- . ·· ledgment,' God took not advantage of his errors, but the cause being God's, and his aim being to promote the truth, and being a mighty man in prayer, and strong in faith, God by him kindled that fire which all the world shall never be able to quench. According to our faith so is our encouragement to all duties, therefore let us strengthen faith, that it 1nay strengthen all other graces. This very belief, that faith shall be victorious, is a means to make it so indeed. Believe, therefore, that though it be often as smoking flax, yet it shall prevail. If it prevail with God himself in trials, shall it no.t prevail over all other oppositions'! Let us wait awhile, and we " shall see the salvation of the Lord." May the Lord reveal himself more and more tinto us, in the face of his Son Jesus Christ; and magnify the power of his grace, in cherishing those beginnings of grace in the midst of our corruptions ;