Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKJNG FLAX. 17 A ·set measure of bruising· ourselves· cannot be prescribed, yet it must be ·so far,-as may lead us to prize Christ above all, and see that a Saviour must be had,- and until we reform that which is amiss, though it be to the cutting off our right hand or pulling out our right eye. There is a dangerous slighting the work _of humiliation; some alleging, as a pretence for their slightly dealing with their own hearts, that Christ will not break the bruised Reed. But such must know that every sudden terror or short grief,_is not that which makes us bruised Reeds; not a little " hanging down our heads like a bulrush,' ' but a working our hearts to such a temper that ·sin shall be more odious unto us than punishment, till we offer a holy violence against it. Else favouring ourselves, we make work for God to bruise us and for sharp repentance afterwards. It is dangerous, I confess, in some cases with some spirits, to press too much and too long this bruising ; because they may die, under the wound and . ·burden, before they be raised up again . _Therefore it is good in mixed assemblies to n1ingle comforts, that every soul may G