Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

18 THE BRUISED REKD have its due portion. But if we lay this for a truth, that there is n1ore mercy in Christ than sin in us, there can be no danger in thorough dealing. It is better to go bruised to heaven than sound to hell : therefore let us not take off ourselves too soon, nor puff off the plaister before the cure be ,wrought, but keep ourselves under this work till sin be the bitterest and Christ the sweetest of all things. When God's hand is upon us in any kind, it is good to divert our sorrow for other things to the roof of all, which is sin. Let our grief run ·most in that channel, that as sin bred grief, so grief may consume sin. But are we not bruised, unless we grieve more for sin than we do for punishment? Sometimes our grief from outward evils may lie heavier upon the soul, than grief for God's displeasure ; becau~e in such cases the grief works upon the whole man, both outward and inward, and hnth nothing to stay it but a little spark of faith, which, by reason of the violent impression of the grievance, is suspended in the exercises of it. And this is most felt in sudden distresses which come upon the