Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND ~}.1:0K1NG l~ LA:X. 25 little, yel seeth great part of the heaven at once. A pearl, though little, yet is of much esteem. Nothing in the world of so good use as the least dram of grace. But grace is not only little, but mingled with corruption; whence it is that a Christian is said to be smoking flax. Hence we see that Grace doth not waste corruption all at once, but some is left to conflict with. The purest actions of the purest men need Christ to perfume them~ and such is his office. \Vhen we pray, we need to pray again for Christ to pardon the defects of our prayers.-See some instances of this smoking flax : Moses at the Red Sea, being in great perplexity, and not knowing what to say or which way to turn, groaned to God. In great distresses we know not what to pray for, but the Spirit makes request with sighs . that cannot be expressed. Broken hearts can yield but broken prayers. When David was before the king of Gath, and disfigured himself in an uncomely manner, 1 Sam. xxi. in that smoke there was some fire also ; you may see what an excellent psaln1 he makes upon that occasion ; wherein upon experience,