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26 THE BRUISED RE 'ED he saith, " the Lord is near unto them . that are of a contrite spirit,'' Psalm xxxiv. 18. " I said in my haste, I am ·cast out of thy sight," there is smoke; " yet thou heardest the voice of my prayer," there is fire. Psalm xxxi. 22. " 1\'Iaster, carest thou not that we perish ?" Mark iv. 38. here is smoke of infidelity, yet so much light of faith, as stirred them up to pray to Christ. " Lord, I believe," there is light; but " help my unbelief," there is smoke. J onah cries, " I am cast out of thy sight," there is smoke ; " yet will I look again to thy holy temple,'' there is light. Jonah ii. 4. " 0 wretched man, that I am,' ' saith St. Paul upon sense of his corruption, but yet breaks out into " thanks to God through Jesus Christ our Lord." Rom. ' vii. 24, 25. I_n the seven churches, which for thei~~ light are called seven golden candlesticks;~ most of them had n1uch smoke with theif. light, Rev. ii. and iii. The reason of this mixture is, that we have in us a double principle, grace and nature. The end df it is especially to