Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AN D SMOKI~ G FLAX . sitiners, because their will is naught, and thereupon usually conversion is violent. A hard knot must have an answerable wedge, else in a cruel pity we betray their souls. A sharp reproof sometimes is a precious pearl and a sweet balm. The wounds of secure sinners will not be healed with sweet words. The I-Ioly Ghost came as well in fiery tongues as in the likeness of a dove; and the same Holy Spirit will vouchsafe a spirit of prudence and discretion, (which is the salt to season all our words and actions) and such wisdom will teach us " to speak a word in season n both to the weary and also to the secure soul. And indeed he had ne-ed have the tongue of the learned who would either raise up or cast down: but in this place I speak of mildness towards those who are weak, and are sensible of it : these we must bring on gently and drive softly, as J acob did his -cattle, Gen . xxxiii. 14. according to the pace, and as his children were able to endure. Weak Christians are like glasses, which are hurt with the least violent usage, but if gently handled will continue a long time. This honour of gentle use we are n