Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

34 THE BRUISED REED to give to the weaker vessels, by which we shall both preserve them, and likewise make them useful to the church and ourselves. Divines had need take heed how they deal with such, in divers particulars. Let them be careful they strain not things too high; making those general and necessary evidences of grace which agree not to the experience of many a good Christian, and lay salvation and damnation ,upon those things which are not fit to bear so great a weight. Hence men are groundlessly cast down lower by them, than they can soon be raised up again by themselves or others. The ambassadors of so gentle a Saviour should not be overmasterly, setting up themselves in the hearts of people, where he alone should sit as in his own temple. How careful was St. Paul, in cases of conscience, not to lay a snare upon any weak conscience! ;1 Cor. viii. 12, 13. They should take heed likewise that they hide not their meaning in dark speeches, speaking in the clouds. Truth feareth nothing so much a~ concealment, and desireth nothing so much as clearly