Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING l~ LAX . 43 looseness of life is cruelty to ourselves and to the souls of others ; though we cannot keep them fron1 perishing who will perish, in regard to the event, yet if we do that which is apt ofitselfto destroy the souls of others, their ruin is imputa~· ble to us . .Let men beware of taking up Satan's office, in depraving the go<;>d actions of others, as he did J ob's.-" Doth he serve God for nought?" or slandering their persons, judging of them according to the wickedness which is in their own hearts. The Devil getteth more by such discouragements and those reproaches which are cast upon religion, than by fire and faggot . These, as unseasonable frosts, nip all gracious attempts in the bud, and as much as in them lies, with I-Ierod, labour to kill Christ ·in young professors. A Christian is a hallowed and a sacred thing, Christ's temple : and he that destroyeth the temple, him will Christ destroy. Amongst the things that are to be avoided, there is amongst private Christians a bold usurpation of censure, not considering each others temptations . Some