Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

44 THE BRUI SED RE ED ~ill unchurch and unbrother in a passion. But distempers do not alter true relations. Though the child in a fit should disclaim the mother, yet the mother will not disclaim the child. There is therefore, in these judging times, good ground for St. J a.mes's caution that there should not be too many masters; that we should not smite one another by hasty censures,, especially in things of an indifferent nature. Some things are as the mind of him is that doth them, or doth them not; for both may be unto the Lord . · An holy aim in things of a middle nature, makes the judgments of men, though seemingly contrary, not so much blameable . Christ, for the good aims he seeth in us, overlooketh any ill in us so far as not to lay it to our charge . Men must not be too curious in prying into the weaknesses of others . We should labour rather to see what they have that is for eternity, to incline our hearts to love them, than into that weakness which the Spirit of God will in time consume, to ~strange us. Some think it strength of grace to endure nothing in the weaker;