Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

.AND SMOKlN G !'' LAX . 45 whereas the strongest are readiest to bear · with the infirmities of the weak. Where most holiness is, there is most modera-- tion, when it n1ay be without prejudice of piety to God and the good of others . We see in Christ absolute holiness, with great moderation in this text . What had become of our sal'vation, if he had stood upon terms, and hot stooped thus low unto us? We need not affect to be more holy than Christ. It is no flattery to do as he doth, so it be to edification. The Holy Ghost is content to dwell in smoky offensive souls. Oh, that this Spirit would breathe into our spirits the like merciful disposition. · We endure the bitterness of wormwood and other distasteful plants and herbs, because we 'have experience of some wholesome quality in them. And why should we reject men of useful parts and graces, for some harshness of disposition only, which, as it is offensive to us, s.o it grieveth themselves. Grace, whilst we live here, is in souls imperfectly renewed, and which dwell in bodies subject ~o several humours, which will incline the soul sometimes to