Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 47 high. The Spirit will only work with his own tools . And we should think what affection Christ would carry to the party in this case. That great physician, as he had a quick eye ap.d a healing tongue, so he had a gentle hand and a tender heart. Again, Let us suppose ourselves in the condition of him with whom we deal. We are, ·or have been, or may be such. Make the case our own, ·and withal consider in what near ·relation a Christian standeth unto us, even as a brother, a fellowmember, heir of the same glorious salvation. Therefore let us take upon ourselves .a tender care of them every way, and especially in cherishing the peace of their consciences. Conscience is a tender and delicate thing, and so must be used. Let us improve this part of the subject, by way of TRIAL-to see whether we are this smoking flax,_ which Christ will not quench; and in this trial remember these rules: 1. We must have two eyes; one to see imperfections in ourselves and others ; the other to see what is good. I am black, saith the church, but yet comely. Those