Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

48 THE BRlliSED R.EBD will always want comfort, who are much in quarrelling with themselves, and through their infirmities are prone to feed upon such bitter things as will most nourish that distemper of which they are sick. These delight to be looking only on the dark side of the cloud. 2. We must not judge of ourselves always according to the present feeling; .for in ~temptations we shall see nothing but smoke of distrustful thoughts. F~re may be raked up in the ashes, though not seen; life in the winter is hid in the root. 3. Take heed of false reasoning ; as because our fire doth not blaze out, like others, therefore we have no fire at all; and by false conclusions come to sin against the commandment in bearing false witness against ourselves. The prodigal would not say he was no son, but that he was not worthy to be called a son. We must neither trust to false evidences, nor deny truth, else we shall dishonour the work of God's Spirit in us, and lose the help of that evidence which would che- . rish our love to Christ, and arm us against Satan's dis~ouragements. Some are so