Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING l' LAX . 53 putteth light into the eye of his soul, proportionable to the light of truths revealed unto him. A carnal eye will never see spiritual things. 2. The least divine light hath some heat in it. Light in the understanding breedeth heat of love in the affections. In what measure the sanctified understanding seeth a thing to be true or good, in that m-easure the will embraces it.-Vv eak light breeds ';Veak inclinations; a strong light, strong inclinations. A little spiritual:light is sufficient to answer strong objections of flesh and blood ; and to look through all earthly allurements and opposing hindrances, representing them as far inferior t-o those heavenly objects which it seeth. All light that is not spiritual, because it wanteth the strength of sanctifying grace, yieldeth to every little temptation, especially when ·it is fitted and suited to personal inclination. This is the reason why Christians who have light, little for quantity but yet heavenly for quality, hold out when men of larger apprehensions sink. This prevailing of light in the soul, is because, together with the spirit of illumi-