Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

54 THE BRUISED REED nation, there is in the godly a Spirit of power to si1bdue the heart to truth revealed, and to put a taste and relish in the will, suitable to the sweetness of the truth; . else a mere natural will, will rise :against supernatural truths, as having an antipathy and enmity against them. In the godly, holy truths are conveyed by way of a taste. Gracious men have a spiritual palate, as well as a spiritual eye. Grace altereth the relish. 3. Where this heavenly light is kindled, it directeth in the right way. For it is given for that use, to shew us the best way, and to guide in the particular passages of life. If otherwise, it is but common light, given only for the good Df others. Some have the light of knowledge, yet follow not that light, but are guided by carnal reason and policy : such as the prophe.t speaks of, Isa-iah I. 11. All you that kindle a fire, walk in the light of your own fire, and in th.e sparks which you have kindled, but this shall ye have at mine hand, ye shall lie down in sorrow. God delights to confound worldly wisdom, as enmity to him, and robbing him of his prerogative, who is