Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

[)6 THE BRUISED REJ:o: D or good in a good tion. There is gold in ore, which God nd his Spirit in us can distinguish. carnal man's heart is like a dungeon wherein is nothing to be seen but horr nd confusion. This light maketh us judicious and humble, upon clearer sight of God's purity and our ()Wn uncleanness; and maketh us able to discern the work of the Spirit in another. 5. So far as a man is spiritual, so far is light delightful unto him, as willing to see any thing an1iss that he may reform, and any further service discovered that he may perform ; because he truly hateth ill, and loveth good. If he goeth against light discovered, he will soon be reclaim- · ed, because light hath a friendly party within him. Hence, at a little sight of his error, h€ is soon counsellable, as Da·· - vid in his intention to kill Nabal, and blesseth God afterwards when he _is stopped in an ill way. In a carnal man the light br·eaks in upon him, but he labours to shut the passages. lie hath no delight to come to the light. It is impossible, before the Spirit of grace bath subdued the heart,