Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

' AND SMOKING F LAX . 57 but that it should sin against the 1ight ; either by resisting it, or keeping it ,prisoner under base lusts, and burying it, as it were, in the earth, or perverting it; and so making it an agent and factor for the flesh, in searching out arguments to plead for it, or abusing that little measure of light they have, to keep out a greater, higher, and more heavenly light; and so at length make thaL light they have, a misleading guide to · utter darkness. And the reason is, that it bath no friend within. The soul is in a contrary frame, and light always hindereth that sinful peace which men are willing to speak to themselves. Whence we see it often enrages men the more. There is nothing in the world more unquiet than the heart of a wicked man, who sitteth under means of knowledge, until, like .a thief, he bath put out the candle that he may sin with the least check. Spiritual light is distinct. It seeth spiritual good, with application to ourselves; but coinmon light is confused and lets sin lie quiet. vVhere fire is in any degree, it will fight against the contrary matter. God hath put irreconcileable hatred