Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND S?.10KING FLAX. 59 Job had more grace in his distempers, than his friends in their seemingly-wise carriage. Actions, soiled with some weaknesses, are more accepted than complimental performances. . 6. Fire, where it is in the least measure, is in some degree active; so the least measure of grace is working, as springing from the Spirit of God, which from the working nature of it, is compared to fire. Nay, in sins, when there seemeth nothing active but corruption, yet there is a contrary principle which breaks the force of sin, so that it is not out of measure sinful, as in those that are carnal. 7. Fire maketh metal pliable and n1alleable, so does grace where it is begun. It worketh the heart to be pliable and ready for 'all good impressions. Untractable spirits shew that they are not so much as smoking flax. 8. Fire turneth all, as much a3 it can, to fire ; so grace maketh a good use even of natural and civil things, and doth spiritualize them. What another man doth only ,civilly, a gracious man will do holily.