Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

60 THE BRUISED REED 9. Sparks by nature fly upwards; s.o the spirit of grace carrieth the soul heavenward, and setteth before us holy and heavenly aims. As it was kindled from heaven, so it carries us back to heaven. The part followeth the whole: fire mounteth upward, so every spark to its own . element. Where the aim and bent of the soul is God-wards, there is grace, though opposed. The least measure of it is holy desires, springing from faith and love. For we cann<?t desire any thing which we do not believe to be ; and the desire of it . - issue~ from love. Hence desires are accounted a part of the thing desired in some measure; but, then, they must be constant, for constancy shews that they are natural, not enforced. They must be carried to spiritual things, as to believe, to love God, &c. not out of exigency, because ifnow they had grace, they think tbey might escape smne danger, but 2s a loving heart is carried to the thing loved for some excellency in itself: and with desire there is grief when it is hindered, which stirs up to prayer: Psalm cxix. " Oh, that my ways were directed, that I might keep thy statutes." Rom. vii. 24.