Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

62 THE BRUISED REED will never take his hand from his work, until he hath taken away sin even in its very being from our natures. The same Spirit which purified that blessed mass whereof he was made, cleanseth us by degrees to be suitable to so holy a head; and frameth the judgment and affection of all to whom he sheweth mercy, to con- .,, cur with him, in labouring to further his ends, in abolishing sin out of our nature. FRoM the meditations of these rules and signs, much comfort may be brought to ·the souls of the weakest; which that it.,might be in greater abundance, let me add something for helping them over a few common objections and secret thoughts against themselves, which, getting within the heart, oftentimes keep them under. 1. Some think they have no faith at all, because they have no full ·assurance; but the fairest fire which can be, will have some smoke. The best actions will smell of smoke. All our actions will savour something of the old man. '2. In weakness of body some think