Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX . 63 grace dieth, because their p.erformances are feeble, (their spirits as the instruments · of the soul'R actions, being wasted) not considering that God regards the hidden sighs of those who want abilities to express them outwardly. He who pronounceth then1 blessed, that consider the poor, will have a merciful consideration of such himself. 3. Some again are haunted with hideous representations to their fancies, and with vile and unworthy thoughts of God, of Christ, of the word, &c. which, as busy flies, disquiet and molest their peace. These are cast in like wild-fire by Satan, as may be discerned by the strangeness, strength, violence, and horribleness of them, even unto corrupt nature. A pious soul is no more guilty of them, than Benjamin of J oseph's cup put into his sack. Amongst other helps prescribed by godly writers, as abomination of them, and diversion from them to other things, let this be one, to complain to Christ against them, and to fly under the wings of his protection, and to desire him to take our part against his and our enemies. Shall . every sin and blasphemy of men be