Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AN.fJ SMOKING F LAX. 65 tion, as those that have the most renewed souls. And (4.) when men give thmnselves to carnal liberties, their corruptions trouble them not, as not being bound and tied up. But when once grace suppres4 seth their extravagant and licentious excesses, then the flesh boileth, as disdain 4 ing to be confined. Yet they are better now than they were before. That matter which yields smoke, was in the torch be-· fore it was lighted, but it is not offensive till the torch begins to burn. Let such know, that if the smoke be once offensive to . them, it is a sign that there is light. It is better to enjoy the benefit of light, though with smoke, than to be al... together in the dark. Neither is smoke so offensive, as light is comfortable to us; it is yielding an evidence of the truth of grace in the heart. Therefore though it be troublesome in the conflict, yet it is comfortable in the evidence. It is better that corruption should . offend us now, than, by giving way to it, to redeem a little peace with loss of comfort afterwards. Let such, therefore, as are at variance and odds with their corruptions,look upon this text as their portion of comfort .., F