Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

66 THE BRUISED REED Here is also an use of encouragement to duty, that Christ will not quench the smoking flax, but blow it up. Some are loath to perform good duties, because they feel their hearts rebelling, and duties are performed uncomfortably. We should not avoid good actions for the infirmities cleaving unto them. Christ looketh more at the good in them which he n1eaneth to cherish, than the ill in them he meaneth to abolish. A sick man, though by eating he may increase the dis-· ease, yet he will eat, that nature may get strength against it: so though sin cleaveth to what we do, yet let us do it, since we have to deal with so good a Lord; and the more strife we meet with, the n1ore acceptance,. Christ loveth to taste of the good fruits that come from us, although they will always relish of the old stock. A Christian complaineth he .cannot pray: ' Oh, T am troubled with so many distracting thoughts and never 1nore than now/ But bath God put into thineheart a desire to pray? He will hear the desires of his own Spirit in thee. " "Ve know not what we should pray for as we