Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX . 71 Spirit going along with us, an9. raising us up by degrees, until it leaveth us, as it were, in heaven. God often delighteth to take the advantage of our indisposition, that he may manifest his work the more · cl-early; and that all the glory of the work may be his, whose all th€ strength is. (3.) Obedience is most direct, when there is nothing else to sweeten the action. Although the sacrifice be imperfect, yet the obedience, vvith which it is offered, hath acceptance. . (4.) That which is won as a spoil from ·our corruptions, will have such a degree of comfort afterwards, as for the present it bath of difficulty. Feeling and freeness of spirit is oft reserved until duty be discharged : a reward followeth work. I_n and after duty, we find that experience of God's presence, which without obedience we may long wait for, and yet not obtain. This hindereth not the Spirit's freedom in blowing when it listeth upon I:)Ur souls~ For we speak only of such a state of soul as is becalmed and must row, as it were, against the stream. As, in sailing, the hand must be to the stern and the eye to the star : so here, put forth that