Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

72 THE BRUISED REED little strength we have to duty and look up for assistance. Yet in those duties which require as well the body as the soul, there may be a cessation till strength be repaired : whetting doth not hinder but prepare. In sudden passions there should be a time to compose and caln1 the soul, and to put the strings in tune. The prophet would - have a minstrel to bring his soul into frame. So likewise we are subject to discouragements in sufferings, by reason of our impatience : ' Alas, I shall never get through such an affliction.' But if G{)d bring us into it, he will be with us in i_t, and at length bri"Qg us out more refined. We shall lose nothing but dross, Zech. xiii. 9. Of our own strength we cannot bear tl1e least trouble; and by tbe Spirit's assistance we can bear the greatest. The Spirit will join his strength to help us to bear our infirmities. The Lord will put his hand to lift us up. "You have heard of the patience of Job," saith St. J ames, we have heard likewise of his impatience too. But it pleased God mercifully to overlook that. 1 t yields us comfort also jn desolate conditions, as contagious sick ~