Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

82 THE BRUISED REED be as an enemy to me. I see and feel evidences of his just displeasure.' Christ may act the part of an enemy a little while as J oseph did, but it is to make way for acting his own part ofmercy in a 1110re seasonable time. He cannot long appear as an enemy. . He seelneth to wrestle with us, as with J acob, but l1e supplies us with inward strength, at length to get the better. Faith pulls off the mask , from his face, and sees a loving heart under contrary appearances. At first, he answers the woman of Canaan, crying after him, not a word; then gives her a denial ; then gives an answer tending to her reproach, calling her,' dog;' as being without the covenant ; yet she would not be so beaten off; for she considered the end of his coming. As his Father was never nearer him to support him, than when he seemed farthest off in sense of favour to comfort him; so Christ is never nearer us to uphold us, than when he seemeth most to hide hjs presence from us : the influence of the Sun of righteousnes~ pierceth deeper than his light In such cases whatsoever his present carriage is towards us1 let us oppose his nature