Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING .FLAX. 83 and office against it. He cannot deny himself; he cannot but discharge the office which his Father bath laid upon him. We see here the Father hath undertaken that he shall not quenoh the smoking flax ; and Christ bath again un dertaken for us to the Father, appearing before him for us ; until he presents us blameless before him. The Father bath given us to Christ, and Christ giveth us back again to the Father. John xvii. This were good comfort, if I were but as smoking flax. It is well that thy objection ariseth from thyself, and not from Christ. It is well thou givest him the honour of his mercy towards others, though not to thyself; but yet do not wrq 1g the work of his Spirit in thy hear t. Sat~.n, as he slan... dereth Christ to us, so h2 slandereth us to ourselves. If thou art not so much as smoking flax, then why dost thou not re.. nounce thy interest in Christ, and disclaim the covenant of grace ? this thou darest not do. Why dost thou not give up thyself wholly to other objects of love? this thy spirit will riot suffer thee to do ." Whence come these restless groanings G2