Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

86 THE BRUISED REED us in our sufferings~ In his desertion in the garden, and upof! the cross, he was content to want that unspeakable joy in the presence of his Father, and to bear the wrath of the Lord for a time for us, that he might know the better how to comfort us in our greatest extremities. God seeth it fit that "ve should taste of that cup of ~hich his Son drank so deep, that we should feel a little what sin is, and what his Son's love was. But our comfort is, that Christ drank the dregs of the cup for us, and will succour us, that our spirits utterly fail not under that little taste of his displeasure which we Inay feel. He became not only a man but a curse~ a man of sorrows, for us. He was broken, that we should not be broken. He was troubled, that we should not be desperately troubled. He became a curse, that we should not be accursed. Whatsoever may be wished for, in an allsufficient Comforter, is to be found in Christ: Authority, from the Father : All power was given him :-Strength in him· self, as having his name, The mighty God-Wisdom, and that from his own experience, how and when to help-Wil-