Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAX. 85 - If he should bring us into such a dark condition that we should see no light from himself or the creature, then let us remember what he saith by the prophet Isaiah. " He that is in darkness, and seeth no light," no light of comfort, no light of God's countenance, " yet let him trust in the name of the Lord." Isa.l. 10. We can never be in such a condition, wherein there will be just cause of utter despair; therefore let us do as mariners do, cast anchor in the dark. Christ knows how to pity us in this case. What comfort he felt from his Father " in his breakings,'' Isa. liii. 10-11, the like we shall feel from himself in our bruising. The sighs of a bruised heart carry in them some proof, as of our affection to Christ, so of his care of us. The eyes of our souls cannot be towards him, but that he bath cast a gracious look upon us first. The least love we have to him is but a reflection of his love first shining upon - us. As Ife did, in his own example, whatsoever he gives us in charge to do; so he suffered, in his own person, whatsoever he calleth us to suffer; that he might the better learn to relieve and pity