Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

88 THE BRUIS:ED REED itself or in our application of it. And (3.) Those who will cast water themselves upon those sparks which Christ labours tokindle in them, because they will not be troubled with the light of them. Such n1ust know that the Lamb can be angry; and they that will not come under his sceptre of mercy, shall be crushed in pieces by his sceptre of power. Though he will be graciously tender and maintain the least spark of true grace, yet where he findeth not a spark of grace bu_t opposition to his Spirit striving with them, his wrath, once kindled, shall burn to hell. There is no juster provocation, than when kindness is churlishly refused. When God would have cured BabyIon, and she would not, then she was given up to destruction, Jer. li. 9. When Jerusalem would not be gathered under the wing of Christ, then their habitation is left desolate. Matt. xxiii. 'Vhen wisdom stretcheth out her hand and men refuse, then wisdom will laugh at men's destruction. Prov. i. Salvation itselfwill not save those that spill the potion and cast away the plaster. A pitiful case, when this ,merciful Saviour shall delight