Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOKING FLAi. 89 in destruction; when he that made men, shall have no mercy on them. Isa. xxvii, 11. 0, say the rebels of our time, " God bath not made us to damn us." It is true; but if you will not meet Christ in the ways of his mercy, it is fit you should " eat the fruit of your own ways, and be filled with your own devices/' Prov. i. 31. This will be the hell of hell, when men shall think they_ have loved their sins more than their souls: when they shall think what love and mercy hath been almost forced upon them, and yet they would perish. The more accessary men are in pulling a judgment upon themselves, the more the conscience will be confounded in itself, when they shall ac- , knowledge Christ to be without all blame, themselves without excuse. Jf men appeal to their own consciences, they will tell them the IIoly Spirit hath often knocked at their hearts, as willing to have kindled some holy desires in them. How else can they be said to resist the Holy Ghost, but that the Spirit was readier to draw them to a further degree of goodness, than stood with their own wills?