Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

AND SMOK1NG FLAX. 93 tice, and practice to a prepared readiness to every good work. Yet, let us know that grace is increased in the exercise of it, not by virtue of the exercise itself, but Christ by his Spirit bringeth us nearer unto himself the fountain, and instilleth such comfort in the act, -whereby the heart is further enlarged. The heart of a Christian is Christ's garden, and his graces are so many sweet spices and flowers, which his Spirit blowing upon, maketh to send forth a sweet savour. Therefore keep the soul open for the entertainment of the I-Ioly Ghost, for he will bring in continually fresh forces to subdue corruption, and this most of all on the Lord's day. John was in the Spirit on the IJord's day, even at Patmos, the place of his banishInent. Then the gales of the Spirit blow more strongly and sweetly. As we look therefore for the comfort of this doctrine, let us not favour our natural sloth, but exercise ourselves to godliness; and labour to keep this fire always burning upon the altar of our hearts. Let us dress our lamps daily, and put in fresh oil ; and wind up our souls higher and