Sibbes - HP S2575 .S5 1825

94 THE BRUISED REED I higher still. Resting in a good condi.. tion is contrary to grace, which , cannot but labour to advance itself to a further measure. Let none turn this grace into wantonness, says Jude. 4. Infirmities are a ground of humility, not a plta for negligence, not an encouragement to presumption. We should be so far from being bad, because Christ is good, that those coals of love should melt us. Therefore those may well suspect themselves, in whom the consideration ofmildness cloth not work that way. Surely where grace is, corruption is as smoke to their eyes and vinegar to their teeth. And therefore they will labour out of regard to their own comfort, as likewise for the credit of religion and the glory of God, that their light may break forth. If a spark of faith or love be so precious, what an honour will it be to be rich in faith ! Who would not rather walk in the light and in the comforts of the Holy Ghost, than to live in a dark perplexed state? Who would not rather be carried with full sail to heaven, than be tossed always with fears and doubts? The present trouble in conflict against a