Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

`Ihe Epile Dedicatory. This honour, in all eminency, I with unto your HonJurs , by how the more God' bath already advanced and enlarged your Names and Families , not onely in many outward, but alto in many choife and fpirituall refpets For yot"úr. further helpe herein, I mike my; f elfc bold to pelent you with certaine Ser- m ins, heretofore preached by D. Mkt.; a man whole pi ty and parts made hire Honourable, l iving.'anll dead. Foritee to commend the Author` unto ybiir-Hcì- nours, were to make theWorld to judge him either of}rangerunto you, or 'a man :that had not ingratiated himfelfe with you, whilef} hee lived'reete unto you : I well knew, that he had an Honourable opinion of you both, and of yours ; and that maketh menot bluth, to paffe thefe his owne Labours under your Noble Pa- treniges : I know his workes doe and will fuffciently prayfe him ; and You that knew and loved him fo well, ¡hall (in vouchfafing to read over thefe enfu_ ing Sermons) finde'his Spirit in them , and in a manner , heare him (although dead)