Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

The EpifileDedicatorie, i honourable.: and though it did not make, it did dreire a Morali happineffe. Me :-honour of being vertuous , is great to all ; molt, unto Perfònages whore blood wanes Noble, and Placesare emi- nent : theWorld eyeth fuch molt , and are willing to fee, if they will thine; and readie to commend, if they will be for- ward. When great ones are but in the common way of honouring God,which is meerely formali, and verbalt ; this is pleafing, and many times winning name and fame unto then-delves : But, when they are found upon the .fpeciall wayof honouring God, which is radical!, and vitali, the heart being inwardly afleded with the love and purpofe, and the life full of the courfes and d fcourfes of Godlinef e ; this makes Nobilirie it félf glorious, and em;nently to thine And certaine it is, that fuch (hall have from God the . onour of fecret Ac. ceptation,. (peciall Protection, external' PublicationN, Apd of eternal' Glorifica- /ion.; theybeing all Heires under Blef ing* .. A 4 This