Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Si. Afl3 étions conformeus toChriít, Pral, 37. (`hrifi jufleed in the Spirit. It was fit there fhould be a time of .Chrifl:s abafement; how fhould he have fuffred elfe ? theWorldWouldnever havecrucified God,they could not have done it. Therefore he was aba- fed,he veiled his God-head under his manhood, under a bafe condition fo he paired thorow fuffering to glory. So it mutt be in the Bodyof Chrift; it muft paffe thorow theveile of infir. mities, of weakeneffe, af}3ifion and difgrace ; how elfe fhould it be conformable to Chrift IfChrift had jufiifed himfelfe at all times, in his humiliation,he could nothave fuffered; ifwe fhould be ju,ftifédnow, and appeare ro all the World who we are ; whb would' perfecute us, . howcould we be conformable to Chrift?There- fore let us quietly and meekely a while endure thefe things that are nothingbut to conforms us to our Head ; knowing this , that as he was jufi'ifed by little and little, till he was perfe tly jufirfed,when hewas rayfed from the "dead ; fo wefhall be perfealy jufifd and freed fromall imputations at the laft day, when by the fame spirit that ray fedhim,; wee (hall be rayfed up too. Nay, in this World , when it is for his glory, and for our good, be will bring our righreouf. netfe to light as theNoorie_day, will free us from the imputations that the World layes on us ; be will have a care ofour credit : 'For, as Chri (I was miehtily declared to be the Sonneof God in a fit time; fo (hall we,whenwe are fir. Then (. the World fhall fee, that we are not the men that