Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

CIjr.lii jufli.fied in the,cpirit. g; 1 that prophane, bitter, malicious perfons., (led with the fpirètofthe Devill) charged usto be. Let us take nofcar;_dallat the prefent afaiï.`tir Nottotake onsofthe .Church: Chrift will ufi his m Churcilatthe 1 y Churchcsaf ticallßody,byl inglorious potver,ingood time; flieiions. AntLhrijl (hall not a.1way ruffle in the World : Chrift will bejuHifiedtri betht. King and Ruler of the World ;4fdpower,i: committed tohim. But we lee it now -: Antichri..& rages in the World, and the Church feemes to be under Hatches. So:it is with particular Chriftians, thole that belong to GO-) and indeedare truly filch as they profef e thenifelves-to be ( though with much weakneffe.; we fee in what refpeá and efteeme theyarehad. Let us comfort our felves, belo- ved : Chriftjuflífed himfelfeby his Spirit, and will henot jußifaehis pooreChurch, and free it from the tyrannie of Antichriff 1 Will he not advance thofe that are tiodenonnow, and made as thedirt in tine ftreet, that they fhaff!bin as the Suine.? Therefore, when you heare of the de- je&ed flareofthe Churchesabroade, be not dif- mayed . Confider there is a glorious King that rules the World, and he will makeit appeare ere- ' long, he will juflifte himfelfe, andhis Church for, he fuffers in his Church He is wife he fees caufe todoe this ; he isworkitig his owne worker hecorreas", and rules, and purgeth his Church. Chritlaworkc inthe furnaceofafflkion; but be lure the time in theafllûta will come, that he willbring the caufe ofReli- Church. gionto light, and he will (hewwhat fide hee ownes;hewill jußifiehisTruth,and tread Satan, and