Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

1 98 chrij feene of Angels. they never talké ferio6fly of th6fe things, ex- cept it be ( as it were) witha graceleffe grace, offlighting , and fcorne ; they account it adif- paragement, to beferious in 'thefe things ; they make no MyfteriekOf that Which the glorious creatures the -Angels theinfelves,looke upon and prie into, even With admiration. But it is not to be concelVed-", _Ot,. the prophaneneffe and poye fon that is in Mitiinatureagainft Divine Truths ( as I (hall frievaftlards ) how-it flights the meanes of its owne falvation and flands won- dering at bauble's, and tiffle§-::arid'fo men wafle away their precious time, 10 admiration ofthat Which i iothi but tAiVi.of2.;ttitienwhereas vire-fhouldfike'ti Ourct6e, in ftuclyidg thefe tranfeendent things, that goc beyond the capa. citie ofthe very Angels:yet thefe thingswedaily and trifleWithal!. Pfe 2. .Againeiràtri hence,that:Chrifls WasPen'e,áncl Of Comfort. attended On; and admired by Angels , there is a great:deale f comfort iffneth to ùs; it is the ground ofall theattendance and comfort that we flaVe.fiorn the .ernitfitiglAis1S a Rule in ité fame reafon of the Head,andOftheiiieipber,s;bqth,Hcad and meth, beril ire one :ThiiefOré, what comfort and at- tendance. Chriff Ifad- .th'e ftead the tioT ) Church, #1iich , hatn . he fame, lonely with forte d 'fference t they attended upon shim, as the Head ; they attend uponus, as the members:they attendtdupon birti forhitnflfe' they attend-upbriitsY,:fdrhiitiled:' for,