Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Cbrifféena nf..9ngals.` ..___..__._..._1..__ 97___. into and wonder at the mainfol4 Fifjdnme. of God, in governing his Church ; his wifedome, in eleéáing them; and after,, in reftoring man kind : And in his manner of dìfpen.fation to the fewer ; fi nit ,'by ceremonies ; and then af- ter, by the B )die it felfe ,, C1irtft in the efbs,. There is fuch a World of \Vonders in, t e Government of the Church, fish manifold dome, that thevery 4ngelr temfelves looke up. on this with admirationandwonder, and with, great del iglu. Shall 4ngets fee and wonder at thefe things -? vie r At the love, and mercie, and wifedome of God,, Angels won- in Overnin his Church. in 'o .ni together d > 1 y g no tacb things irreconcilable (to mansápprehenfion,.) u= infinite juffice with infinite mercie in , Chrift that Gods wrathand jufbce. fhould be fatisfi- ed. in C hrift, and thereby. infinitemercie (hewed to us. Here are things for Angels to wonder at. Shall they wonder at it, and joy and de- light in it and (hall we flight chofc things, that are the wonderment of Angels ? There area conipanie of prophane fpirits, (I would therewere not too many among us) that will fcarce vouchfafe to looke into there things; that have :fcarcely the Book of God in their Houles. They cart wonder at a Storie or a Poem, or fòrnc frothieDevice at bafc things, not worthie to be reckoned of. But, as for the great Myfteries of Salvation , that great Vlorke oftheTrinitic, about the Salvation of Man-kind, they tuChat them, they flight them.;. they