Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

ChrißPeene of4ngels. officeofthe Angels. In Heaven ,they (hall prayfe and glorifie God together withus , forever; for, Chrift _that/ come with a multitude of heavenly An. gels, at the DayofJudgement : when he fhall come to be glorified in hit Saints; then we (hall forever glorieGod,Saints and Angels together,in Heaven; He6.i24,2. Therefore, in Heb. 12. 22. it is faid, we arecome to the innumerable multitude of Angels : What is the meaningofthat ? That is, now in the New Communion Tefl:amenr, byour communion with Chrifl, we "uhAngels. have affociatìon with the blefed Angels, innume- rable companie of .Angels, fayth the Holy-Ghoft there; we have ofociation with them even from our infancie, till webe in glory. Indeed, they are asNurfes: They fhallcarry thee, that thou dafhnot Pfat. thy foot againß aßone; as it is Pfal.91. they keepe ors from many inconveniencies. Ojai. But you will fay ; Gods children fall intoin- conveniencies, how then are they attended by Angels? Anfrer. I anfwere: Firft of all, Gods Angels preferve thofe that are his, from many inconveniencies that theyknownot of: And certainely, we have Conflia bc= Devils about us continually; °and there is a con. ewccneGood ; fii& betwixt ood Angels and Devils about us and evil! An- gels. continually. And when we doe fall into any in. convenierce, it is becaufe we arenot in our way: ìfwe goc out ofour way, they have not the charge over vu. ; they are tokeepe Lis la our Troyes. And ifthey keepe us not from clothing our f)ot a ainfla fione,if they keepe us not from ill; yet they keep us in ill, and deliver us our of i41 at lengrh : for, they