Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Cbriftfeetre of ,Angels. 105 theydeliverus not onely from evill, that we fall not intoit ; but theykeepe us in ill, and deliver usout ofill ; nay, and by ill : it we Puffer in the cuflodie of Angels any inconveniencie ; it is, that we maybe tryedby it , that we may be ex- ercifed and bettered by it There is nothing that falls out to Gods children in the world, but they gaine by it, whatfoever it is. This therefore doth not prejudice the attendance of Angels. Therefore let us comfort our !elves in all con- ditions for our felves, and for the State : pat cafe it be brought to a very fmali number, that the enemies were thoufands more then wee, many thoufands and millions ; yet, ifwebe in the Co- venant ofGrace, and in good tearmes withGod, we havemorefor us then againfi: us,we (hall have An- gels fight forus. You knowElifhss (ervant, when he faw a multitude ofenemies, his eyes were o- pened to fee a companieofAngels; and fayth the Prophet, therearemorefor us thenagainft t. So, let us be to the eye of theworld never fo few,and never foweake;let us but haveElijba'seye,the eye ofFaith , and we (hall havehis Guard about us alway, and about the Common-wealth : this fhould comfort us. But then we muff learne this dutie , not to grieve thefe good Spirits. As it is wondrous humilitie, that they will ftoupe to be fervants ro us, that are of a weaker bafPr nature then they ; fo it is wondrous patience , that they will continue !till toguard us, notw itbftanding I we , Gard of gels. Not to grieve thegoodArt. gals.