Sibbes - Houston-Packer Collection BX9318.S45 L5 1638

Chrif feeneof 4ngels. fation is, that thofe gloriouscreatures fhouldbe our attendants for our good; and they diftaffe not this attendance. And this is that we fhould know , what care God hath over us , and what lovehe beares us; that he bath honoured es fo much, that crea- tures ofa more excellent ranke then weare, even the.Angels,fhould be ferviceable to us in Chrift: And all is, that we fhould be full of thankful- neffe. But yoti will fay; What need the Guard or at- tendance ofAngels toChrií}, orto us,to Heador members,confidering that God is able to guard us with his Almightie Power? It is true: The creatures that God bath ordai- ned in their feverall rankes, they arenot for any defeet in God, to fupply his want ofpower, but further to enlarge and dernonftrate his good- neffe. He is the Lord of Hop ; therefore he will hsve Hofis ofcreatures one underanother, and all fervieeable to his end : His end is , to bring a companie to fa;vation, toa fupernaturall end, to happineffe in the world tocome; and he being Lord of all, hemakes all to ferve for that end: He could doe it of himfelfe ; but having ordained fuch rankes ofcreatures he makes all to ferve for that end , for the manifeftation of his power, and of his goodneffe; not for any defet of flreogth in himfelfe ; He could doe all by himfelfe, he could have beane content with his ovinehappineffe, andnever have made a World.; but he made theWorld, to thewhis I 2 good- r07 objeti'. 4n f er. Why God ufeth fcrvice of Angels.